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3-Hour Boot Camp on Mastering Excel Formulas and Functions

Duration : 3 Hours

Mike Thomas,

Mike Thomas has worked in the IT training business for 26 years. His expertise and experience covers designing and delivering training courses, creating written training materials (Quick Reference Guides and step-by-step tutorials), recording and editing video-based tutorials and providing support Read more

An Excel formula is an equation or calculation that is stored in a worksheet cell. A formula enables you to perform simple or complex calculations on numbers. So think of any scenario that involves addition, subtraction, division or multiplication and that's where you'd use a formula.

Functions are built-in formulas that have been programmed to perform a specific calculation. They range from simple such as SUM and AVERAGE (used to calculate the total and average of numbers in a range of cells) to the powerful IF and VLOOKUP.

Functions aren't limited to calculating numeric data. They can save you a ton of time when working with text and dates too.

Need to calculate someone's age from their date of birth? Need to combine text items from several cells into a single cell? Need to convert a list of lower case text items to capital letters? Need to compare items in two lists?

All of the above (and much more!) can be done with using Excel functions.

Course Objectives:

Although it is perfectly possible to use Excel without ever creating a formula if you don't, you're missing out on a huge part of the application's power.

Learning how to create formulas will automate your calculations and save you a ton of time. No more using your fingers. No more mental arithmetic. No more using the calculator app on your Smartphone! Let Excel do the work for you!

Excel has over 450 built-in Worksheet Functions (pre-defined formulas). Nobody needs to know them all however, no matter what your job role is, no matter what industry you work in, there are some key Functions that everyone should know how to use. This training will address those Functions.

Course Outline:

• Creating formulas to perform mathematical calculations

• Copying a formula - the Gotchas you need to know about

• Cell Names - how to make formulas logical and understandable

• Combining text strings from multiple cells

• Converting text from lowercase to uppercase and vice versa

• Performing calculations on dates and times

• Logical functions (IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF and more)



• Trapping Errors - Using functions to bullet-proof your worksheets

• Creating complex functions the easy way

What You Get:

• Training Materials

• Live Q&A Session with our Expert

• Participation Certificate

• Access to Signup Community (Optional)

• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

• Any Excel user who needs to go beyond the basics of using formulas or simply wants to become more comfortable and productive in using Excel formulas and functions

• Any Excel user who deals with large lists needs these tools and techniques to effectively manage the lists and become more productive. Nearly all Excel users, except for those just getting started, are candidates for this webinar

Please reach us at 1-888-844-8963 for any further assistance or if you wish to register


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Subject : 3-Hour Boot Camp on Mastering Excel Formulas and Functions

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